Fifty Shades of Grey

My impressions of “50 Shades of Grey”. I state that I went to the cinema to see it with my friends, more out of curiosity than anything else. I read the books and I was slightly puzzled by the expressive part of the book, I’m not Hemingway or J.K. Rowling, but it left much to be desired writing. My opinion on the saga is positive, maybe the same old story in which he changes for her, for love, and then lived happily ever after, but there is always a but. The books would sell a lot more if the Christian Grey psychology had been analyzed more in depth (the book is written from her point of view, but I would have appreciated more hooks to the history of him). Books are not so obvious because of the events that follow one another, and that probably might call into question the relationship between the two lovers.
The film rather intrigued me a lot and found it affordable for the public to whom it was intended. Everyone expected much more “sex”, I believe that the director Sam Taylor-Johnson, has neglected a bit ‘the key parts, and connections between the events, to give viewers the love story. sex scenes have not seen them, in my opinion a film like any other, I’ve seen worse with “Game of Thrones”, but I think he did well to structure so that kind of scene. Certainly if the public had wanted to see more sex, he could easily watch a movie or a porn erotic, unlike this. The same actors did not want the nude and I respect this decision, after Jamie Dornan is the father of the family, and certain limits imposed them. There was no queue to do that role, so even the production has adjusted to the “absolute” requirements and limits (cit.) Of the actors themselves. For the whole, I left me some that see the book as a long-awaited film.

interpretation vote:
Jamie Dornan: 9
Dakota Johnson: 8

Movie rating: 7.5


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