703 Reason to say Yes – L. F. Koraline

703 Reasons to say Yes

by L. F. Koraline

“Why have a heart in your chest if it is not able to beat? What to do with a desirable body that can not shudder? That ‘s what Eden wonders every day, but the answer I can give is always the same … you do not know love!
Feeding his imagination seeks, in the real world, a man who exists only in his dreams and in his innermost desires. Time flows with surface lightly in a futile attempt to fall in love and let go while secretly continuing to believe and hope.
His stories always end with bitterness and almost given up the idea that the man who wishes to live only in his dreams, but life has always so many … too many surprises, and at the very moment in which it will also take away everything ready to amaze her, attack her and upset her forever …
Eden discovers love and pleasure in the arms of a God who commits fornication, longingly, he will own his mind and devour his body. There will be no peace for his hungry soul of love when, among the sweet and bitter notes of passion and feeling, his heart will start beating and his body trembling, but everything in life seems to have a price .. . really it will be worth to pay it? ”

Well what to say? Already here it should intrigue, but I will tell you more!

This book as well as being well written, has that extra something that makes you devour the book in no time at all. I myself have read in an afternoon, all in one breath. I assure you that the eyes of this book never scolleranno, until the end. Eden is a really strong girl, she never knew her mother, her father died in a car accident just when she needed him, his rock, his only lifeline to reality. Luckily Eden long before he met a young man, Sean, who changed her life, despite not understand you have ever seen, but he somehow, even by mail and then phone, able to understand it deeply. She trusts him, tells all her private things, very intimate, but it’s a long time since they met and she does not take it anymore to not know that his face has this young man who came so within, so under the skin. While trying to find out more about Sean, her father is taken away and her world collapses. Will he rise again, with the help of friends, but also to Sean. But that’s not all! Eden soon discovers that his father’s company went bankrupt, and that has to go out of his house, and that a Damon Blake bought his company, laying off all employees, 703 men and women with families. Eden no longer sees the anger and decides to confront him. He does not know what is going in against, and this will bring in a whirlwind of feelings and emotions that never dreamed of being able to try. I can not tell you anything other than READ THE BOOK !!!
You will be pleasantly surprised at anything will happen next. I’ll let the rest of this amazing story, but know that your heart will beat a lot.
The book may look like a best seller of our knowledge, but I can assure you that this is much better, more intense and more true.

More to add? If you have not yet read it is better that you do it!


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